Stefania Pescarmona


Stefania Pescarmona

Stefania Pescarmona

Director of and editor-in-chief of the magazine. A professional journalist, she holds a law degree from the University of Turin. She has worked at MF, Bloomberg Investments, and Finanza&Mercati. She has contributed to Affari&Finanza (Repubblica) and Advisor.

Investment properties: with 100, 300 and 500 thousand euros, what can you buy in the real estate sector in Milan, Rome, Bologna and Naples?

According to experts, real estate is still a shield in the face of price dynamics. But its effectiveness as a protection seems to have slightly diminished. And in the future it will also depend on the

The villages of Italy under 5 thousand inhabitants represent 54% of the entire national surface. Some have embarked on a process of redevelopment and revitalization. What role does real estate lending

In 2022, in Italy, the hotel real estate sector projected revenues of 3.1 billion (+25%). In the decade 2010-20, the superior properties increased by 21% in 4-star hotels and 57% in 5-star hotels

For seniors, there are two real estate residential solutions: Rsa and senior housing. The latter is a housing formula focused on the self-sufficient and semi-self-sufficient over 75s and is an interme

In Europe, in the first half of 2022, there are an estimated 135 billion euros of residential investments (+7%). Sales and prices grow. Italy too, with Milan among the fastest growing Italian cities

In 2022 there could be a slowdown in the sales of luxury properties. Among the various factors, the growth of inflation, the increase in interest rates on mortgages, and the scarcity of chips and raw

Logistics will remain an exciting sector, as will all living. Among the trends and challenges of 2023, incredible attention goes to the ecological transaction and the boom in technology applied to bui

In the context of war, investment in real estate would still seem to be the best choice for Italians, who must however adopt an attitude based on prudence and focus on quality.

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