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Competenza, esperienza, empatia sono le caratteristiche che cercano gli investitori negli advisor. Questo è uno spazio privilegiato per mettere in risalto queste qualità, dando la parola direttamente agli specialisti sulle tematiche di cui sono esperti.

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Octium Group, transnational tools and expertise for wealthy clients

The (U)HNW clientele is increasingly characterised by an international dimension. Meeting its needs requires specific sk...

The new definition of tax residence in Italy: what are the changes?

Legislative Decree no. 209 of 27 December 2023 modified the criteria for establishing tax residence in Italy. Changes co...

The Quoted SMEs Regain Momentum on the Milan Stock Exchange: 4 Sectors Under Scrutiny

According to Andrea Randone of Intermonte, mid-small caps have the right cards to outperform the market. Focus, among ot...

Buying or Renting a Property? Trends and Prices in Milan and Rome

The choice between buying or renting a house depends on various factors, including personal needs, financial situation, ...

Time Deposit Accounts in Italy: Five Banks Lower Their Yields

Among the banks that have so far offered some of the most competitive conditions on the time deposit account, there is a...

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Nessun post trovato.

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Investing in a Fontana or a Rolls-Royce? It’s Now Possible for Everyone

Tokenization democratizes alternative investments otherwise inaccessible to retail investors, opening a new window of op...

Magnani Rocca, An Art (and music) Foundation in the Name of Morandi

Immersed in the green countryside of Parma, the Magnani Rocca Foundation in Mamiano di Traversetolo hosts the collection...

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