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Una rassegna di approfondimenti direttamente dai migliori esperti del mondo finanziario e di tutta la filiera del wealth management, per fornire spunti sul quadro macroeconomico generale, sulle dinamiche di mercato, sui trend del momento e sulle soluzioni di investimento e di gestione del patrimonio più adatte ai diversi tipi di investitore.

Insurance & private insurance


Succession: Financial Education More Important Than Ever for High Net Worth Individuals

A high fortune is not synonymous of a better financial education. The lack of adequate financial knowledge and skills ca...

Transferring Wealth Abroad: The Advantages of Unit-Linked Insurance Policies

In an era where an increasing number of High Net Worth (HNW) individuals are opting for international emigration, wealth...

Life policies, not all companies are alike: how to evaluate them

When deciding to entrust one's savings to an insurance company, it is important to carefully evaluate its financial soli...

Pleasure assets

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Whisky, the safe haven that gets better with age arrives at Konvi

Whisky has captured the market attention being one of the luxury goods with the highest growth numbers for the next deca...

Luxurious clothes and accessories: how to protect and store them

Not just luxury goods among the most appreciated by fashion lovers, but also precious testimonies of the history of the ...

Time to retire for the 60/40 rule: modern allocation turns alternative

Should an up-to-date portfolio also include alternative assets? A focus on collectable, traditionally inaccessible to mo...

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CBM & Partners

Piero della Francesca: original location or museum?

The story of the Madonna del Parto, painted by Piero della Fracesca in the XV century in Santa Maria in Silvis’ church i...

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