Giuseppe Calabi

Senior partner, Law Office CBM Milano
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"Freedom is an ineradicable condition of legality; where there is no freedom, there can be no legality. Freedom is like air: one realizes what it is worth when it begins to be lacking" (Piero Calamandrei)


Giuseppe Calabi graduated with honors from the State University of Milan. After graduation, he earned an LLM from Harvard University and is a member of the Harvard Law School Leadership Council of Europe.

After years of training and practice in M&A and private equity, he combined his expertise in banking and finance with his passion for art. In fact, for more than 20 years, he has successfully launched the area of activity related to art law, in which the firm is recognized as a market leader nationally and internationally. For years Mr Calabi has been working with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on reform projects related to the circulation of cultural and artistic property. He is Senior Vice-Chair of the Art Law Committee of the International Bar Association.

Mr Calabi has also been one of the pioneers in new technology law, web regulation, privacy, and digital content and advises major Italian and foreign e-commerce operators. He is a legal advisor to Consorzio Netcomm, the leading Italian association of e-commerce operators. He is a member of the E-Regulation Commission of Ecommerce Europe, the European association to which the leading trade associations in the e-commerce sector belong. He deals with ISP liability and the regulation of Italian and foreign social networks. He advised Italy's first financial and social network.

Mr Calabi is also a member of the Commission on Copyright of the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) and the Committee for the Development and Protection of the Legal Supply of Digital Works established by AGCOM.

Giuseppe Calabi has been passionate about art law throughout his career as a lawyer. Considered a true expert in the field, he is a senior partner at CBM Law Firm in Milan and a contributor to We Wealth. When he is not at work in his Milan Studio, Giuseppe Calabi devotes himself to mountains and ski mountaineering or cultivating his passion for art with his family. A tireless reader, he usually reads at least two or three books simultaneously.

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