Investor terms and conditions

In order to use the We Wealth services aimed at professionals, you must agree to the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions“). The selected commercial offer (“Commercial Offer“), together with the Terms and Conditions, constitute the entire agreement between We Wealth and the user of We Wealth’s services (“Agreement“).


We Wealth is an information platform and marketplace for wealth management advice (“Platform”) designed by, and wholly owned by, Voice of Wealth S.r.l. (“We We Wealth”). By accepting this Agreement, you (“User”) acquire the right to use the Platform services described in Section 2 (“Services”), selected at the time of registration or at a later time.

Activation of the Services will occur upon registration of the User and the respective account (“Account”). Use of the Services can only take place upon authentication of the User, using his/her assigned user id and password.

At a time following Account registration, the User may add to the basic Services immediately accessible upon registration (“Basic Services”) additional Services, visible as available on the We Wealth site (“Site”) or in the restricted areas of the Account (“Optional Services”). Activation of certain Optional Services is subject to Wealth’s approval, as may be specified in the particular terms of service (“Particular Terms of Service”) applicable to the Optional Services and viewable on the Site prior to activation of the same. Once accepted, the Particular Terms of Service shall become an integral part of this Agreement.


2.1 Basic services

A. Editorial Content
. Each User, once the Account is activated, automatically accesses a range of editorial and informational services on asset management (“Editorial Services“).
The Editorial Services have a generalist component and a component designed to meet the specific needs of the User through an offer of information that can be modulated and customized according to the characteristics of the User’s assets and interests (“Personalized Content“). The User has the opportunity to provide details with respect to his or her interests and needs for information and advice in order to receive Personalized Content as relevant as possible with respect to his or her characteristics, as explained in the Privacy Policy. In order to receive Personalized Content, the User must identify at least three categories in order to receive relevant Content but may increase the number of preferences in order to have Content that is more closely aligned with his or her interests and needs. Preferences expressed in relation to Personalized Content during registration are always modifiable in the User’s area in their Account.
In the absence of indications of one’s preferences, or if they are removed at a later time, the User will not receive Personalized Content and will enjoy the basic Editorial Services, with generalist content. The User can disable the Editorial Services by simply requesting to stop receiving the respective newsletters, using the appropriate function within the email sent by We Wealth or through the appropriate functions in the Account. The same effect can be achieved by exercising the data subject’s rights to deletion of personal data, restriction of processing or opposition as provided in the Privacy Policy. The Personalized Content and Editorial Services contain expressions and opinions of their respective authors that do not constitute professional opinions or services.

The contents of the Editorial Services, including the Personalized Content, are the result of the technical and editorial discretion of their respective authors.

B. Contact with Experts
. The User has the opportunity to ask questions about wealth management, savings and investments (and related topics) to the community of experts on the Site or otherwise affiliated with We Wealth (“Experts”) and to choose, based on the answers obtained, which Expert to be subsequently put in touch with for personalized advice.
Contact with the Experts can be activated by submitting a question through the appropriate form on the Site or through the direct access option eventually made available to We Wealth.
In the event that the Experts respond to User’s questions through the Site, they will do so on the basis of summary, preliminary and non-specific information, so such responses cannot be considered professional opinions or advice.
We Wealth does not impose any particular restrictions with respect to the contents of the questions except for the prohibition of posting questions whose contents violate legal provisions or the rights of third parties. Since the actual response to the question depends on the question content and the presence of Experts who can answer it, answers to each question cannot be guaranteed.
The liking and usefulness of the answers depends on factors outside We Wealth’s control and therefore may have no bearing or impact on the relationship between We We Wealth and the User.
Once the question has been answered, the User may choose the answer that best meets his/her expectations in order to be put in contact with the Expert who sent that answer, in order to confront the latter and possibly confer a professional assignment. In the event that there is only one Expert to respond, the choice may only concern the latter while if the User fails to identify the chosen answer within 48 hours of receiving it, We Wealth will assign the Expert based on the User’s profile.
The contact with the Expert involves the communication to the Expert of the User’s profile containing the personal and patrimonial information indicated in the privacy policy (“Profile”). At the time when the User requests to be put in contact with the identified Expert, We Wealth will extract on the User’s behalf the patrimonial information concerning him/her from the public and professional databases so that the same may integrate his/her Profile and be sent with it to the said Expert.
Contact with the Experts and any subsequent advice will take place outside the Site and independently of We Wealth, which is totally unrelated to the relationship established between Expert and User and which is governed by the professional mandate and the applicable legal and ethical rules. By using this Service the User is therefore only put in contact with an Expert and does not receive professional advice or assistance through the Site or Services.

2.2 Optional Services
By accepting the specific Particular Terms of Service, the User may activate Optional Services, which shall be governed by the same Particular Terms of Service and this Agreement, of which the former shall be an integral part.


3.1 The User agrees to use the Platform solely in accordance with this Agreement and for the sole purpose of enjoying the Services. Specifically, the User agrees to:
(i)  not resell to third parties the Services or otherwise the use of the Platform;
(ii)  not tamper with or reverse-engineer the Platform;
(iii)  not use the data generated by the Platform for purposes other than those set forth in the Agreement;
(iv)  use the Site, the App (when active) or the Services in the event that the User’s Account has been temporarily or permanently suspended;
(v)  communicating to We Wealth or through the Platform, information or data that is false, inaccurate, misleading, or that results in detrimental consequences to third parties;
(vi)  transfer the Account or disclose the user id and password to any third party without Wealth’s prior written consent;
(vii)  spread viruses, malware, or any other technology intended to damage the Platform, the Site, Users’ equipment, violate the rights of Wealth or other Users, or otherwise prevent or disrupt the enjoyment of the Services by other Users;
(viii)  copy, modify, or disseminate the content of the Platform or Wealth’s and/or third parties’ proprietary information;
(ix)  take any action that (in the sole judgment of We Wealth) may cause an unreasonable overload of activity of the technological infrastructure related to the Platform;
(x) )  use any mechanism, software or process that may interfere with the proper functioning of the Platform;
(xi)  circumvent the tools set up by We Wealth to ensure the security of the Platform and prevent intrusion or access by unsolicited automated users (robots, spammers, spiders, etc.).

3.2 Wealth may reject or remove any content provided by the User that violates third-party rights or is in violation of this Agreement and, in order to protect its rights and limit the negative consequences of User’s violations, Wealth may deny further publication of content or information provided by the User.

3.3 In the event of a recurrence of a breach of the Agreement, We Wealth may terminate the same and deactivate the User’s Account, without prejudice to any other remedy provided by law.

3.4 To enable Wealth to maintain the Platform at optimal and secure levels of functionality, User agrees to report to Wealth any technical issues with the Platform of which it becomes aware on the Platform.


4.1 Basic Services are free of charge. You shall pay the fee for the chosen Optional Services, where applicable, upon activation of the same, in accordance with the directions and instructions on the Site and in the Special Terms of Service.

4.2 The use of Optional Services for which a fee is payable is conditional upon the prior full payment of the same for the relevant contractual period.


5.1 The User acknowledges that
(i)  the trademark “We We Wealth” as well as the domain names containing that name are industrial property rights of which We We Wealth is the exclusive owner.
(ii)  the intellectual and industrial property rights to the Platform, the software and databases linked to the Platform, the App, the Site, the graphics, layout and look and feel of the Platform, the App and the Site are the exclusive property of We Wealth.
(iii)  the We We Wealth project, related know-how and all information of a technical and commercial nature related to such project are the exclusive property of We We Wealth.

and undertakes not to engage in any infringement or disruption of the said rights.

5.2 The User is obliged to take all appropriate measures so that the credentials of the Accounts are maintained in the strictest confidentiality and assumes responsibility for any damage caused to We Wealth and/or third parties in dependence of the failure to comply with the aforementioned obligation of secrecy. In case of theft, loss or loss of login credentials related to an Account, the User agrees to promptly inform We Wealth, which will provide new passwords and user ids and delete old ones. The aforementioned user ids and passwords are for the exclusive use of the User to the exclusion of any third party. The User therefore agrees not to disclose the aforementioned user ids and passwords and information accessible through the same login credentials and agrees not to allow third parties access to Wealth’s systems.


We Wealth processes your personal data as a data controller to enable you to enjoy the Services, as outlined in the Privacy Policy.
The creation of the Profile involves the collection of data relating to the Personalized Content consulted and the pages of the Site read by the User and the extraction – through public databases – of information relating to the User’s shareholdings, real estate holdings and social offices, who must specifically authorize such processing as indicated in the personal data processing notice.
If the User gives specific consent, We Wealth may send third-party commercial communications, as indicated in the personal data processing notice, as joint data controller.


7.1 This Agreement shall be effective for the duration of the Services governing, in particular:
(i)  with respect to the Basic Services, until such time as the User requests deactivation of the Account with the understanding that, in any event, We Wealth shall independently deactivate such Account after 24 months from the last access by the User, in the event of inactivity of the same;
(ii)  with regard to Optional Services, for the duration provided for in the Special Terms of Service and, in any case, as long as the User has active one or more Optional Services upon regular payment of the fee provided for the same, without prejudice to the cancellation of the Account due to inactivity provided for in the preceding paragraph.

7.2 The User may withdraw from the Agreement at any time by requesting deactivation of the Account. The User’s termination shall not result in any obligation to refund any fees paid by the User for the remaining portion of the contractual period subject to termination by the User

7.3 In the event that a User reiterates a breach of this Agreement or commits a breach with irreversible effects to the detriment of We Wealth, Wealth may terminate the Agreement by deactivating the User’s Account.

7.4 The obligations set forth in Section 5 shall survive the termination of the Agreement.


We Wealth reserves the right to change the content of the Agreement by posting the new version on the Site, the App and notifying the User by email. Unless otherwise specified, all new terms and conditions of the Agreement shall be deemed accepted and effective in the absence of withdrawal by the User within 5 (five) days from the date of receipt of said email from the User and in any case within 10 (ten) days from the date of publication on the Site and the App, it being understood that – thereafter – the User may always withdraw from the Agreement by requesting the cancellation of the Account pursuant to section 7.2.

Date updated: 15/03/23