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Alessandro Foti

Head of Asset Gathering at UniCredit SpA | Managing Director and General Manager of FinecoBank

"Time is the most precious thing a man can spend" (Theophrastus)

In 2007 he obtained his law degree (with a thesis in tax law), and in the same year, he attended and completed the Ipsoa master’s in tax law in Milan. In 2008 he started his actual professional activity in the tax world, working in the tax department of the then Gianni, Origoni, and Grippo firm in the Milan office.

In 2009 he joined the team specializing in the international tax law of the De Berti-Jacchia firm, where he currently holds the role of a tax lawyer and senior associate, dealing with domestic and international tax law with particular attention to advice and assistance, including procedural, of HNWI and mainly multinational luxury companies.

His passion for computer science and programming, cultivated since the time of his first computer (Commodore 64), unwisely given to him as a gift back in 1987, has enabled him to develop a 360° expertise in taxation in the digital age of the income of highly digitized individuals and international companies operating in the big data, Ai, cloud, cybersecurity, IoT, blockchain, Ico and crypto coins sectors.

He regularly writes in leading tax-related journals and newspapers and is often involved as a speaker at seminars and conferences. He is an active member of various national (Anti) and international (Aija) associations, contexts in which he loves to discuss and share his ideas.

A happy husband and father of a gorgeous and particularly challenging baby girl in the “terrible two,” in his spare time, he enjoys sailing (not sailing), strumming his Stratocaster, or playing sports (in no particular order, running, skiing, biking, tennis, soccer, rugby, karting). He suffers from chronic curiosity; his reading ranges from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy to sommelier manuals, while musical genres range from jazz to trap (sic!). Being often driven by that damned congenital curiosity, he is always inclined to find new readings and hobbies.

Distinguishing skills:

  • The holistic view of client issues
  • Negotiation with tax authorities
  • Ability to foresee possible developments in the taxation of the digital economy

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