Alberto Battaglia

Responsible for the macroeconomics and insurance area. A professional journalist, he holds a degree in Media Languages and a diploma in Journalism from Catholic University.

New BTPs hit the market as anticipation rises ahead of ECB terminal rate

Italian banks have regained some share after the selling following the Svb and Credit Suisse cases: but the recovery presents significant challenges

The Btp Italia raised over 6.5 billion euros at the end of the second day of issuance dedicated to retail investors

How to build a solid portfolio betting on dividends, according to Gamma Capital Partners

In the Italian tax system, certificates may prove useful in minimizing capital gains tax

Over the past six months, the Italian bank index has gained 66%, outperforming the Italian stock market: outlook remains solid, but with some challenges ahead

With a bid to cover of 5.2 the latest issue of the 30-year Btp was a big hit among institutional investors

Beware of misunderstandings: the bond is indexed to inflation, but it will outperform BTPs only if prices go up much further - that's not what the market expects

Balancing fiscal prudence and minor battles with little financial impact, Meloni has managed to maintain consensus and gain credibility 'at the top'

Eni's new five-year sustainability linked emission apparently yields more than the Btp, but that's only before taxes

The dates on the calendar are January 12 and 31. These are increasingly popular dates for savers who have never been so active in seeking information about BTP bonds online

Among the ideas discussed at the Ania Insurance Summit is the importance of diversifying climate risks by introducing an obligation similar to that of motor liability

A comprehensive guide with examples on the 15% incremental flat tax promised by Giorgia Meloni and the differences with the traditional flat tax

Online searches for time deposits have doubled in September due to more attractive rates and shaky stock and bond markets

Thanks to technology, short-term rental solutions have increased in Italy: let's explore them

Italian real estate did not overheat in 20-21: consequently, it is not as vulnerable as that of other countries, although it will cool down

Big names such as Exor, Tod's, Atlantia and Autogrill are leavingPiazza Affari this year, with a total market value of more than 40billion euros.

Investment in Pir funds has continued to garner investor interest: they now account for 1.7 percent of mutual fund assets: but how much do they yield?

New survey highlights portfolio sizes of Italian financial advisorand their client profile

Many products have preferential taxation: studying it is important, but letting the tax benefit alone guide your choice is a mistake

All the latest information from the census conducted by the professional association of Italian financial advisors

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