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Founder of AeA Tax Law

"The exceptional feat is to be normal" (Lucio Dalla)

A law graduate from the Catholic University of Milan, he has been involved in domestic and international taxation since the 1990s. He worked with Maisto e Associati for ten years, Bonelli Erede for two years, and Di Tanno e Associati for eight years. In 1995 and 1996, he was in Amsterdam as a country specialist at Ibfd.

In 2015 he established AeA Tax Law.

Over three decades, he has had relationships with outstanding professionals, successful entrepreneurs, and clients, accumulating a mix of knowledge and experience to understand clients’ needs and has the perspective needed to find the right and prudent solutions.

His training as a lawyer and his experience in the tax field gives him a well-rounded view of civil, inheritance, and tax aspects in so-called wealth planning and generational transition (donations, successions, and family and/or corporate reorganizations). He reaches out to entrepreneurs and their families to handle tax issues related to family investments and wealth control corporate structures, transfers of residence, and foreign investments.

For ten years, he was a fencing athlete at the international level. This experience gave him a sense of discipline and helped him to this day in quickly building trust with people to whom he always tries to provide understandable and common-sense guidance.

Distinguishing skills:

  • Tax consulting
  • International Taxation
  • Generational transition

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