Crurated, the wine tech that allows you to buy top wines

The world’s first wine market allows people to buy the best wines from wineries in Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Tuscany, and Piedmont without excessive mark-ups at affordable prices to the producer and attractive to the buyer. With many other benefits for all.

“The first wine marketplace connects the best producers directly with the best collectors and connoisseurs, creating significant value for producers and customers. It is the soul of Crurated, the Wine Tech company launched in the UK in the spring of 2021 and increasingly occupying a pivotal role in the Fine Wine distribution business, worth an estimated more than €5 billion. Proof of this are the numbers of the company’s results achieved so far. Data that can also make producers and buyers present on its platform look to the future with great optimism.

Under the leadership of founder Alfonso De Gaetano, an Italian, Dubai resident, director of publisher business for Google’s emerging markets, and collector of excellent French and Italian wines, Crurated after about a year since its founding has as many as 600 affiliates, with 5.8 million euros in bottles purchased. Average revenues for wine producers on the platform have been 60 percent higher than for traditional distribution channels, with clear and significant customer benefits. The average cost of bottles for them was 20 percent lower than secondary market prices. And the benefits are already highly noted by all the players in its marketplace.

The secret of Crurated’s success is that it has overcome a challenge that may appear simple at first glance but is a notable victory: having overcome all the difficulties for fine wine enthusiasts and collectors who buy great wines through traditional channels. In essence, the Wine Tech launched by De Gaetano makes it easy for its community to buy the best wines from wineries in Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Tuscany, and Piedmont without excessive mark-ups, all at prices that are affordable for the producer and attractive to the buyer. Not only that. It also makes itself available to store them during their maturation period in environments that allow perfect safety, temperature, and humidity conditions. Last but not least, it can offer the buyer not only the guarantee of the authenticity of the bottle, countering the phenomenon of fakes, but also the traceability of its path, thanks to blockchain-based solutions.

An extraordinary result was made possible mainly thanks to a key element: the personal relationships created by Alfonso De Gaetano over the years with producers and his knowledge of great wines. In fact, in the first person, he has concluded a series of agreements with an increasing number of top producers, starting with some of the most exclusive names in France, to purchase wines directly from their wineries so that the Crurated community has access to these wines at below-market prices. It should also be noted that using Crurated’s marketplace is effortless and straightforward. Bottles purchased in the first instance by the company are offered to affiliates who can buy them in the auction from a base price. The mechanism will involve a sealed envelope bidding, thus without any raises, in which one is awarded the wines based on the highest price. All this is done considering that bottles are made available to affiliates to different membership modes.”

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