Massimo Petrucci

Equity Partner of Bureau Plattner
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“Non si dimanda la ricchezza quella che si può perdere. La virtù è vero nostro bene ed è vero premio del suo possessore. Lei non si può perdere, lei non ci abbandona, se prima la vita non ci lascia. Le robe e le esterne devizie sempre le tieni con timore, ispesso lasciano con iscorno e sbeffato il loro possessore, perdendo lor possessione” (Leonardo da Vinci)


A law graduate from the University of Trento, he holds a Mba from the École des hautes études commerciales de Paris (HEC) in Paris and is fluent in five languages. He has been a jurist and registered as a certified public accountant and auditor since 2003.

He has many years of experience advising on corporate, commercial, and tax law, specializing in extraordinary transactions (M&A). He began his professional career in Austria at Studio Dorda in Vienna and Studio Legale Sutti in Milan. After a project-based work experience at a French multinational, he returned to Italy, where he started working at Petrucci & Partners.

Today he is an equity partner of the firm Bureau Plattner and head of the Milan and Merano offices. He mainly assists international groups, focusing on the Asian region.

When not at work, he devotes himself to his family, sports (running and swimming), and reading, both modern textbooks and the classics, with a particular interest in Greek and modern philosophy and psychology.

Distinguishing skills:

  • M&A
  • Commercial and corporate law
  • Domestic and international tax law

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