Octium Group is an insurance group with assets under management of 10 billion euros, active internationally in the financial services industry. Octium Group is specialized in designing, structuring, and distributing unit-linked life insurance products

The Group is one-of-a-kind in the industry thanks to its ownership, wealth planning solutions, and distribution model. Octium Group is regarded as one of the most innovative solution providers capable of meeting the needs of the clients and of ensuring comprehensive professional support to business partners. The private, family-focused Group understands the needs of today’s wealthy families and provides them with tailored insurance solutions designed to offer an effective estate and financial planning solution.

Ocitium Group’s Insurance products are built to be fully compliant with the European Union and national regulations, in doing so allowing clients to enjoy tax optimization and investment flexibility. All of the Group’s products can be tailored to each client’s peculiar needs, and are capable of adjusting according to their evolution. Finally, the Group’s products are recognized within the European Union and in almost all non-EU countries.

Octium Life DAC is an insurance company established initially in Dublin in 2003 as a subsidiary of UBS. In 2017, Octium Group acquired the company and changed its name to Octium Life DAC. Octium Life is a unit-linked life insurance company with a lean model which offers security and strength. It has assets under management of about 4.5 billion euros, and the company serves its clients worldwide.

Octium Assurance AG is an insurance company, initially established in Vaduz in 2001 as Credit Suisse Life & Pensions AG, with a branch in Italy. In 2022 it was acquired by Octium Group and changed its name to Octium Assurance AG. The company has an Italian branch, Octium Assurance AG (Italian branch), and acts as a tax substitute for its clients. Octium Assurance AG and its Italian branch manage assets of approximately 5.5 billion euros.

Octium International Insurance Agent AG (Tied Agent of Octium Life DAC) is based in Liechtenstein, with a Branch in Zurich. The company relies upon a Sales Force of professionals with extensive experience in global solutions for (U)HNW clients. Octium International Insurance Agent AG is a forward-looking solution provider which aims to efficiently meet market needs while operating in an increasingly regulated and competitive environment. The company brings value to existing relationships with Business Partners, fostering the consolidation of synergies while positioning the Group as one of the most innovative solution providers capable of meeting clients’ needs.

Octium Services (Switzerland) AG is the Swiss division of Octium Group. it provides a wide range of insurance services, designing innovative solutions to meet the needs of individual clients, as well as managing each life insurance contract efficiently and timely.