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Breakfast with a client, a special dinner, or a place to work quietly between appointments. Here are the best locations in Turin, suggested by Carla Venesio

A business breakfast – Pepino
Historical ice cream bar in the city center, located in Piazza Carignano, where historic Baroque-style buildings, including Palazzo Carignano, home of the National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento, and Teatro Carignano, are the setting. The place's interior has remained as it once was: the old Savoy atmosphere can be breathed in, and in keeping with tradition, privacy and tranquility are assured to its customers. In addition, it is the ice cream shop where the famous stick ice cream was born: the Pinguino. Try the violet one: the most famous, absolutely unmissable!


Un petit-déjeuner raffiné – Floris House
In the heart of Turin, we find a refined location for lovers of French style and beyond. The premises of a historic perfume store inside Palazzo Marenco now house a beautiful place of refreshment, set among perfumes, fragrances, teas, household items, and makeup. The few tables allow for relaxed and quiet conversation in a truly unique atmosphere, complemented by excellent service and a wide selection. All furnished like a cozy home.


A couple of hours before the next appointment - the Cinema Museum
Among the most important in the world for the richness of its heritage and the multiplicity of its scientific and popular activities, the National Cinema Museum owes its uniqueness to the peculiarity of its exhibition layout. It is housed inside Turin's symbolic monument, the Mole Antonelliana, and spirals upward, creating an evocative and interactive itinerary. Moreover, inside, accessible even without visiting the museum, there is a quiet cafeteria with excellent food service where it is possible to work in absolute tranquility.


A lunch with a formal client - Vintage 1997
Historical restaurant overlooking Piazza Solferino, just a short walk from our Turin headquarters, an evergreen in our city for more than 20 years. It is an establishment true to its name, permanently embedded in the Turin fabric that knows no fads. The restaurant is ideal for formal business lunches: it offers large, well-spaced tables in an elegant and refined setting. A warm welcome and top-notch service accompany courses that are hard to forget.


A lunch with friendly clients - Carlo and Camillo
This is the Hotel Sitea bistro with a central location on the corner of Via Cavour and Via Carlo Alberto. Exciting is the ambiance characterized by some modern furniture elements, such as the chairs and the bar counter, set in a 19th-century setting, featuring wood paneling and period parquet floors. The menu offers typical Piedmontese dishes expertly prepared and accompanied by exciting reinterpretations. For the bistro, two new ice cream flavors have been created in collaboration with Alberto Marchetti: Carlo and Camillo, to be exact, all to be discovered.


A trendy aperitif with young customers - Bar Cavour
One of the trendiest places of the moment, where people meet for a drink or a quick dinner, is Bar Cavour, the sidekick of the more famous Ristorante Del Cambio, whose location is in the famous Piazza Carignano, the heart of Turin. A very private place that is accessed through a doorway and then finds itself in a dark-toned venue with soft lighting, where the service is impeccable. It consists of several rooms full of site-specific artwork by international artists. Great drinks!


A dinner to intrigue - Magorabin
The restaurant, which opened in 2003, joined Jeunes restaurateurs d'Europe in 2008 and was awarded a Michelin star in 2012. It offers a menu to be discovered and enjoyed that features traditional dishes reworked in a personal, sometimes whimsical key by Michelin-starred chef Marcello Trentini. The location is a bit busy and out of the usual Turin parlors, but the atmosphere inside the restaurant and the service have the upper hand: the restaurant is tiny and feels like a living room! Definitely one of the best restaurants in town


The latest trendy "place" in town - Officine Grandi Riparazioni
Impossible not to pass by the latest gastronomic and cultural hub, the Ogr, a symbolic place in the city linked to its industrial heritage. The complex, recently renovated and handed back to the city, is home to major exhibitions, concerts, and cultural activities that come to life in the North Sleeve and the Duomo. To complete the experience inside the Ogr we find a gourmet, upscale restaurant, which can undoubtedly be an excellent opportunity for lunch to discuss future engagements.


A gourmet dinner - Combal Zero
A little outside the city, we find a flagship restaurant in a truly striking setting: the Combal Zero restaurant inside the Rivoli Castle, home of the most important museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin's capital city. The location is genuinely noteworthy, with a view of the entire city; the restaurant is intimate and holds a few tables, although the space is vast outside. The whole thing is worth the "trip," and the menu is surprising. There is no shortage of traditional dishes expertly prepared by star chef Davide Scabin.


The "place to be and be seen"-Café al Bicerin
One cannot pass through Turin without tasting the drink that, over the centuries, has won over many famous people, such as Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, and the writer Alexandre Dumas. It is the Bicerin, a melange of warm chocolate and coffee. Tradition has it that the original recipe is served only in the historic café in front of the Sanctuary of the Consolata, where the faithful, who had fasted to prepare for communion, sought energy support as soon as they came out of mass. Also highly recommended for stocking up on sweet treats.

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Carla Venesio

Head of wealth management and private banking at Banca del Piemonte. A graduate of Bocconi University in Milan in 2008, she pursued a specialization in Economic Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science in London. She took her first professional steps at Pictet and Cie Wealth Management before joining Banca del Piemonte, a private bank in Turin owned by the Venesio family, in 2012, where she became wealth management and private banking area coordinator in 2016.


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