Pietro Massimo Marangio

Partner at Gentili & Partners
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"Success encourages them: they can, for they think they can" (Virgil, Aeneid)


Pietro Massimo Marangio has been a partner at Gentili & Partners since October 2020. A Cassation lawyer, he has been dealing (exclusively and almost continuously since 2000, the year of his graduation) with the law and regulation of banks, financial intermediaries, and insurance companies, having combined his professional experience gained in leading Italian and American law firms with more than a decade as an assistant professor at the chair of Institutions of Economic and Financial Market Law in the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan.

He advises leading banking groups with particular reference to banking contracts, products, and services, as well as investment services; international insurance companies, especially to life insurance policies with predominantly financial content, of the unit-, index-linked, and capitalization contracts type, having also been involved in some significant international extraordinary transactions carried out during the years of the financial crisis (2007 - 2009); Italian sgr and EU managers in the field of fund formation, having obtained from the competent supervisory authorities, among others, the authorization of some of the first Italian reserved real estate sicaf hetero-managed and participated by leading international institutional investors.

After graduating in law from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan in 2004, he obtained an LL.M. in law & economics (joint degree master) with studies at George Mason University School of Law (Arlington, VA, United States) and Hamburg Universität (Germany) and, in 2020, an Emf (executive master in finance) from SDA Bocconi. With a determined and optimistic character, he is passionate about sports (boxing, swimming, gym), engines, economics, literature, photography, and theater.

Distinguishing skills:

  • Collective asset management (securities and real estate) and fund formation
  • Insurance law
  • Private banking and private insurance

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