Maria Antonietta Izzo

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"All happy families are alike; every unhappy family, however, is unhappy in its way" (Lev Tolstoy, Anna Karenina)


A lawyer is practicing in the Supreme Court and registered with the Monza Bar Association. Maria Antonietta at the registry office, Antonella in life (also professional), has been dealing with personal and family rights since 1992 when, as a recent law graduate, she landed in a leading Italian family law firm where she gained experience in the field.

In 2019 she became a partner in the law firm Bsva, a multi-practice "super boutique," dynamic and welcoming, based in Milan but gradually expanding internationally. In Bsva she directs, with colleague and friend Teresa Devercelli, the department of family and succession law, with a particular focus on the protection of children and family assets, including in the context of separations and divorces with international features.

He believes in teamwork and likes to call his team a "brigade," capable - each in his role - not only of offering highly specialized technical assistance in family law but also of "feeding" the client with attention, professionalism, and dedication. Her idea is that the family lawyer should also know how to operate in a human dimension, often working alongside those facing a challenging and delicate phase of their lives and always aiming for the best protection of the children involved.

She organizes and speaks as a speaker at national and international conferences. She participates as a lecturer in higher education courses, including university courses.

She writes as a columnist in primary national newspapers.

He loves Milan, tennis, Rimbaud, and chocolate cake.

Distinguishing skills:

  • Protection of family assets
  • Succession and support administrations
  • Separations, divorces, and child protection

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