Alberto Righini

Partner of the firm Righini and Associates
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"Move! Improve! And be happy" (my father)


A graduate in economics and business and law, in both cases with the highest honors, he is or has been a member of Boards of Statutory Auditors and Boards of Directors of major corporations, banks, and listed companies. He has consolidated experience advising various groups, following extraordinary transactions, assistance to companies in the international arena, and issues related to corporate control, but also in the wealth management sector, particularly in the protection, holding, reorganization, and transmission of assets.

A member of the Register of Certified Public Accountants and the Register of Auditors, he was a member for twenty years of the Direct tax working party of the Fédération des experts comptables européens (now Accountancy Europe). Within the firm, he is responsible for relations with Jpa International, a network he helped found in 1988 that currently brings together more than 150 independent professional firms in more than 80 countries.

He has always been involved in ordinary life and is still chairman of the Business Law and Extraordinary Transactions Commission of the Odcec of Verona; he is a member of the board of directors of AcbGroup, a network of leading firms of certified public accountants and lawyers in the country that has about 950 professionals from 50 associated firms.

He is the author of numerous articles on trusts, international taxation, and extraordinary corporate transactions. And he is a speaker at multiple events on the topics mentioned above.

Married, he has two daughters. Interested in megatrend issues, he is a big fan (small collector) of contemporary art and mountains.

Distinguishing skills:

  • Corporate law and extraordinary transactions
  • Wealth and wealth advisory
  • Business internationalization

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