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Here are the best places in Florence to take your clients for a formal lunch, a trendy aperitivo, or a dinner to intrigue. Suggested by Gabriele Pollastri

A business breakfast - Caffè Gilli
In Florence, there is a long tradition of literary cafes that, in the modern sense, lend themselves well to the concept of a business breakfast. In Piazza della Repubblica, not far from the central station, is my favorite, Caffè Gilli. A historic meeting place for intellectuals and artists, the yellow room, all wood paneling, stucco, and crystal chandeliers, in Art Nouveau style, looks like something out of a movie. The exquisite setting, from the china to the furnishings, staff in tone with the setting, always in dark suits and ties. Excellent pastries.

A business breakfast - Caffe Gilli

A lunch with a formal client - Harrys' Bar
Harry's style is unmistakable. Harrys' Bar is popular with Florentine business people, and the setting is similar to Harry's Bar in Venice. This Bar is peculiar because it is in a quiet location, close to the historic center but out of the hustle and bustle of the busiest streets. From the terrace on the Vespucci embankment, you can admire the Ponte Vecchio. Delicious food (the tartare is top-notch) and a traditional setting with small tables and low armchairs. A mix of pure Florentine to absolute internationality.

Un lunch con un cliente formale - HBar


A trendy aperitif - The Local
The setting is decidedly scenic: as you enter, you find yourself in a courtyard with an opening glass roof and a hanging garden of lush plants on the walls. A bar with top-notch service capable of interpreting customers' tastes by serving fantastic cocktails accompanied by gourmet appetizers. Also fun is the gesture-based cocktail list with the name of each drink associated with one of many typically Italian gestures! It is packed with Florentines, fashionable artists, drink lovers, and international visitors.

Un aperitivo trendy - Locale

An hour alone in a beautiful place - The Oblate Library
Need a break between appointments? Well, a stone's throw from the Duomo, the Oblate Library (a former convent) is a surprise even for Florentines! It offers you the chance to stop, relax and unwind with a stop simply on the benches in the quiet little garden on Via dell'Oriuolo or by going up to the second floor to the cafeteria on the terrace, a quiet place to enjoy a coffee and admire Brunelleschi's dome from above.

Un'ora da solo in un bel posto - Biblioteca delle Oblate

A relaxing lunch - Il Caffè del Cibreo
Just a stone's throw from the historic Marcato di S. Ambrogio, Il Caffè del Cibreo has everything you could ask for in a relaxed lunch: professionalism, hospitality, and courtesy. From the bread soup to the meatloaf with mayonnaise, from the pumpkin and cinnamon velouté to the Cassi-style codfish, from the chicken and ricotta meatballs to the historic roast beef whose sauce is the chef's secret recipe! The pan-seared beef chop is also not to be missed. Last but not least, it eats and drinks very well.

Un pranzo relax - Caffe Cibreo

Local for informal gatherings - Golden View Open Bar
The breathtaking view of the Ponte Vecchio makes the dining experience at Golden View Open Bar even more impressive. The Golden View Open Bar stands out for the exclusivity of the service it offers, from pastries to cocktails in the dedicated open bar space, from lunch to dinner to pizzeria. It provides creative cuisine all day long, with traditional dishes reinterpreted with a modern twist. It is the meeting point with my Florentine friends.

Un luogo per incontri informali - Golden view

A dinner to intrigue - Il Cibléo
From the imagination of Florentine chef Fabio Picchi came the Tuscan-Eastern restaurant with the deliberately ironic name: Il Cibléo. A sixteen-seat restaurant, open only for dinner, where the recipes of Mugello and Casentino blend with the traditions of Japan, China, and Korea. There is no menu: the choice is between two proposals: one basic and the other special (my wife and I recently got Himalayan rotisserie and Casentino bacon Chinese style: delicious!). Fundamental is also the choice for drinks: sake, a couple of bottles of wine, and craft beers. Intriguing.

Una cena per incuriosire - Cibreo

A gourmet dinner - Santa Elisabetta
Among the most interesting gastronomic addresses in Florence: Inside the Brunelleschi Hotel, nestled in the beautiful Pagliazza tower, there is a small and exclusive restaurant with seven tables, which increases in summer thanks to the outdoor area on the square: the Santa Elisabetta. The restaurant, with Campania chef Rocco De Santis, has just received a Michelin star, and the menu expertly combines dishes from the chef's homeland with his adopted land. One example above all is the fish alla Mugnaia with pappa al pomodoro: sublime.

Un menĂ¹ gourmet - Santa Elisabetta

The latest trendy "place" - L'Atelier de' Nerli
In Oltrarno, more precisely in San Frediano, the glamorous project of Daniele Cavalli, son of art (his father is a famous fashion designer), started a few months ago. The setting of L'Atelier de' Nerli, in the same name square, is a cross between an art gallery and a residence with an eccentric style. Chef Gianluca Camilotto uses his experiences, which range from Enoteca Pinchiorri to the most famous Florentine trattorias, to prepare simple but well-curated dishes. Save some room for Vivoli's cream gelato.

L'ultimo locale alla moda NERLI

The "place to be and be seen" - Il Palagio
A visit to the Four Seasons is an atmospheric experience in itself, and their restaurant Il Palagio is undoubtedly part of it in its own right. It is not easy to choose between the beauty of the interior dining room with its sumptuous furnishings and fantastic Carrara marble on the floors, overlooking the marvelous Giardino della Gherardesca, or, during the warm season, the terrace overlooking the park. In any case, what will amaze you will be the cuisine, renowned as much for breakfast and dinner as for the very famous brunch.

The place to be and be seen - Four_Seasonsl_Restaurant

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Gabriele Pollastri
A senior banker at Societe Generale securities services since 2017. With a degree in electrical engineering specializing in information systems and management, he started working in 1994 as quality & project manager at Jp Morgan Milan, as head of the Risk and control division. He then continued his career with increasing responsibilities in different departments and for various companies. Before joining Societe Generale securities services, where he also served as head of coverage, he worked for eight years for the Italian branch of The Bank of New York Mellon (Luxembourg) as deputy general manager. Travel lover, passionate biker, and Florentine doc. He loves to take refuge in his city for relaxing moments with his family, away from the hectic Milan.


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