Noto: the baroque capital of Sicily

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Here are the best places in Noto to take your clients for a formal lunch or a trendy aperitivo, suggested by Maurizio Nicosia

A business breakfast - Caffè Sicilia
On the main street of Noto, this is a pastry shop in business since 1898, where flavors and tradition are impeccably combined. As you arrive in the summer heatwave, the thought of almond granita with fragrant brioches vanishes all negative thoughts and fatigue. And what about the crunchiness of his majesty the cannoli? The landscape around the restaurant is magical: you arrive, close your eyes and immediately feel immersed in the atmosphere of Montalbano.


An hour alone in a beautiful place - Karma Coffee & Lounge Bar
It is one of those places where you would like to stay indefinitely because you feel at home. You can spend relaxing moments working inside and enjoying a juice or a slice of one of the varied flavors of cheesecake. Very quiet, especially on summer afternoons before getting back into full swing, you don't notice the passage of time as you take notes and enjoy the best granita in the area. Great appetizers, too.


A formal lunch with a client - Dammuso
Restaurant offering typical Sicilian cuisine, mainly fish but also meat, artfully prepared by a skilled 85-year-old lady. The service is impeccable, and the courtesy and helpfulness of the owners make you feel pampered every moment of your stay. The staff is young and full of enthusiasm. At breakfast, the restaurant lends itself to light business lunches, as the most crucial flow comes in the evening: however, the quality of service is always up to par.


A relaxed lunch - Cassaro Bistrot
Young restaurant inside an old shell: the building is historic while the restaurant is modernly furnished, but the two are well integrated. The menu features revisited traditional Sicilian dishes ranging from fish to meat. The atmosphere feels fresh and informal, and the service is highly qualified. In the winter months, a quick lunch of salads and good background music keeps you on track to carry on the day with panache: wine permitting!


A trendy aperitif - Even the Angels
Trendy place frequented by young people with a display of historic motorcycles and a bookstore inside. You can start by sipping a refreshing aperitif at the tables outside, enjoying the color of the tufa pierced by the sun's rays as you wait for the heatwave to subside and the hillside breeze to come in to ease the tiring day, and then continue inside with dinner while enjoying the view of the tufa vaults talking about current and future adventures on motorcycles.


A great place for informal gatherings - Samlui Drink and Food Bar
A very cozy place where you can enjoy breakfast or a quick snack in serenity. Impeccable cleanliness, the owners are a young and easygoing couple. Located in the suburbs, you can enjoy great slushies and cornetteria in the morning and tasty freshly made sandwiches with fresh ingredients of the customer's choice or charcuterie boards at lunch. Moderate prices, excellent service, and quiet to be able to enjoy moments of conversation.


A dinner to intrigue - Baglio Siciliano
Restaurant and country house converted from an old Palmento from the 1700s, one of the few near the sea in Noto Marina. A Gattopardo atmosphere that takes you back in time to relive the former splendor of Sicilian noble families. Dinner in the summer months is served in the outdoor courtyard of the old Palmento in a unique, muffled atmosphere. As you dine on dishes inspired by Sicilian tradition, you enjoy the silence and colors of the vault of heaven.


A gourmet dinner - Bistrot Manna Noto
This is a restaurant that arose in the cellars of one of the symbols of Noto: the Nicolaci palace. The atmosphere of the interior, cleverly furnished with Caltagirone ceramics on the walls and lava stone on the tables offers a characteristic connotation of elegance. The dishes, prepared exclusively with the region's typical products, innovatively combine flavors and are impeccably presented by the chef who, despite his young age, prepares excellent dishes.


The latest trendy eatery - Sunset Beach Lido
Sunset Beach Lido in Noto is a trendy, informal lido where you can enjoy a sunset aperitif while waiting for the evening breeze to refresh. The decor is minimal, with sofas and puffs. Attentive staff. Just the right music and ideal view to ending a tiring day in the best possible way. Indeed, during the summer months, it is best to start the day at the bathing establishment, with the beautiful Caribbean beach, and then end with an aperitif.


The place to be and be seen - Hermitage of San Corrado Fuori le Mura
This is a hermitage inside the Valley of Miracles, just outside the gates of Noto. You have to look for it and may not even realize that in that quarry is a Baroque church nestled in a fairy-tale place out of time. To be enchanted. On spring days, when few people venture out here, it's like taking a trip back in time to get projects and ideas back on track and recharge to get off to the best possible start on any interrupted activity.


Maurizio Nicosia
Economics graduate, treasurer of a banking institution for ten years, financial consultant for 25 years, and now area manager Sicily of Banca Widiba. A Uni Iso-certified wealth advisor, he looks after the economic well-being of the bank's client families and coordinated colleagues. An advocate of financial education as the only means to make citizens aware of the choices related to the personal economic life cycle



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