Luxurious clothes and accessories: how to protect and store them

Giulia Bacelle
Giulia Bacelle
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Not just luxury goods among the most appreciated by fashion lovers, but also precious testimonies of the history of the greatest designers and maisons. But, also, investment items, as long as the owners know how to preserve them properly
Handbags, watches, couture garments, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and furs. Not just any list of fashion items - in the latest fashion, vintage, or from the archives of the most famous designers - but some of the assets with the most remarkable capacity to increase in value over time. Provided, unavoidably, that we find the right solutions so that these can revalue: but how to protect them? And above all, where to store them? The numbers bear this out: among the luxury goods most appreciated by the market are bags by the most established designers, whose resale prices can more than double those of purchase. As in the case of Telfar's Shopping Bag, the latest overseas must-have, whose resale price has increased by +195 percent in the last year alone, according to The 2022 Clair Report by Rebag, a platform for buying preloved luxury clothes and accessories. Telfar joins the "unicorns," or brands whose bags on the secondary market can fetch at least 85 percent more than the initial price, such as Chanel (+87 percent), Louis Vuitton (92 percent), and Hermès (+103 percent).

Investment assets to be adequately protected

Therefore, new opportunities lie ahead for investors looking for alternative sources of investment and passionate collectors and fashionistas, provided they are properly guarded. The most valuable clothing and accessories can be risky if their owners do not consider some crucial factors. Such as excessive humidity levels can damage items made of leather due to water condensation forming on their surface. Or direct light, which can discolor or stain the most delicate materials. To the most considerable and unpleasant damage, which is theft. How to diminish them? A vault setup like an actual walk-in closet can be a solution.

Open Care's fashion closet, a vault for individuals and companies

First and foremost, because of the benefits it offers. "Storing one's garments or luxury accessories in a fashion closet inside a maximum-security vault sees its primary purpose in protecting against the main risks inside our homes (theft, fire, flooding, pest infestation). More ensuring an increase in the capacity of one's wardrobe," explains Amelia Caracino, Open Care's Vault Customer Service, which offers its clients this particular service. "We do not only cater to private individuals: the fashion closet also meets the needs of fashion archives, museums, and corporate foundations in the fashion, textile, or historical costume sectors that manage specific funds or collections in this area. All this, with the convenience of being in the heart of Milan and in direct connection with Linate airport, and with the possibility of entering with one's own car up to the reserved parking lot, to guarantee fast and efficient service, as well as the highest level of security, given the 24/24 hour surveillance."

Fashion closet, never again without it

"The spaces inside the Caveau are of different sizes and can be customized to meet every need in terms of setup and ancillary services," Caracino continues. Customers can count on the assistance of our staff for any support and handling of their garments. The service can be completed with various complementary activities such as home pick-up and drop-off, conservation consulting, assistance with inventorying, and economic evaluation of individual garments or entire collections. Finally, inside the vault, safety deposit boxes of different sizes are also available to store jewelry and precious objects."

The fashion closet is a service that intercepts increasing interest. "Numerous leading figures in the fashion industry and fashion archives have been using our service for some time. The trend of investment in the sector, which is growing sharply, proportionate to the increase in risks associated with domestic storage, portends that the fashion closet in a maximum security vault will increasingly be considered a 'never again without' service," Caracino concludes. So, solutions to protect and store luxury goods that everyone can access exist and are easy to approach. However, to consider whether and how to take advantage of them, some questions arise: what are the costs? And what types of fashion closets are feasible? How to customize them?

With We Wealth's Ask the Experts service, you can contact Open Care professionals for free to guide you in the most appropriate storage and protection for your luxury goods. We Wealth is the first wealth management marketplace, the leading platform in Italy where investors meet wealth advisory professionals.


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