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Want to invest in the Italian real estate market? Find out all the news, insights and trends about the most attractive cities, sectors and areas to look at. Focus on luxury properties and the fiscal & legal issues related to this kind of investment.

Buying and selling a home: better through an agency or private party? Pros and cons of relying on a real estate buying and selling expert, and advantages and risks of concluding the deed between priva

In this market environment, also in light of the new green homes directive, is real estate (still) a profitable investment? Here are the most exciting cities and sectors to invest in Italy

Italians' habits are changing, and their needs differ from generation to generation: here are the real estate market's responses in residential (life), office (work), and retail (shop)

In a time of general slowdown in the real estate market, mountain homes show growing sale prices and attractive returns from short-term rentals, while facing low market fluctuations: a great opportuni

Italy is a popular and fantastic destination for people looking to buy property overseas. However, non-resident private individuals must understand the taxation rules and regulations for real estate p

Innovation interventions will generate an economic impact on the building stock of 22.6 billion annually. Meanwhile, Milan ranks at the top for urban regeneration projects. Here are those in the pipel

More and more banks offer dedicated financial products, or green mortgages, to more sustainable customers. With Nicoletta Papucci of MutuiOnline we find out how they work. And who provides the most co

Interest in buying a home at auction is growing. But against a strong international trend, Italy is still lagging. Many steps to overcome. How to move forward?

The luxury market in Milan and Rome is unaffected by the crisis, thanks to the return of brains and more affordable prices than in other European capitals. A market report by Engel & Völkers and Nomis

By 2030, 21.2 million homes in Italy will need to be renovated, and by 2033 an additional 5.6 million. For each jump in energy class, it is estimated that the property's market value will increase by

In search of Italian well-being: between Milan and Rome or among the tourist destinations of Tuscany, the Amalfi coast, and the lake area, what opportunities are there in Italy in the luxury home sect

Are you a foreign investor and want to buy a house in Italy? Discover the most interesting cities to invest in


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