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In Italy, demand for Eltifs continues to be dominated by private investors

Italy is well known for its culture, areas of natural beauty, lifestyle, and pleasant year-round climate. News is spreading fast about another attraction Italy has to offer, and that is the favorable

A new feature introduced by the Cartabia reform is the mandatory requirement for each party to file a full disclosure of their income and assets situation

If you are a non-resident individual interested in opening a self-employed business in Italy, you should consider a few things

The so-called Cartabia Reform has provided for changes in separation and divorce procedures, which will take effect as of March 1, 2023

Important documents, jewelry, and cash may be deposited in safe deposit boxes located at banking institutions

If the tenant of the property is a person who is not resident in the territory of the State, it is possible to proceed with the registration of the lease even in the absence of a tax code

The declaration of inheritance is an extremely important requirement for persons who receive real estate or rights in rem, as it is instrumental to the payment of inheritance tax and mandatory for the

There are special tax advantages for those making investments in so-called SEZs in Italy

A person who has moved to a privileged tax country is presumed to be resident in Italy for tax purposes. Unless proven otherwise

If the property is acquired by inheritance, the remaining deductions are transferred in full to the heir only

Landlords who are not acting in a business capacity may benefit from the “cedolare secca” regime on rents arising from rent to buy


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