Focus on the Italian equity market, the Italian debt market (BTPs and corporate bonds), domestic financial instruments and insurance solutions. Here you will find out also some of the best success stories in the entrepreneurial area, including the most promising startups

How to build a solid portfolio betting on dividends, according to Gamma Capital Partners

In the Italian tax system, certificates may prove useful in minimizing capital gains tax

Over the past six months, the Italian bank index has gained 66%, outperforming the Italian stock market: outlook remains solid, but with some challenges ahead

With a bid to cover of 5.2 the latest issue of the 30-year Btp was a big hit among institutional investors

Italy is renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and beautiful landscapes, making it a popular destination for tourists and real estate investors alike. In recent years, the Italian real

Beware of misunderstandings: the bond is indexed to inflation, but it will outperform BTPs only if prices go up much further - that's not what the market expects

Balancing fiscal prudence and minor battles with little financial impact, Meloni has managed to maintain consensus and gain credibility 'at the top'

According to Intermonte, market volatility and uncertainty could weigh on ISA in the coming months as well

Eni's new five-year sustainability linked emission apparently yields more than the Btp, but that's only before taxes

The dates on the calendar are January 12 and 31. These are increasingly popular dates for savers who have never been so active in seeking information about BTP bonds online

Obtaining funding sources is a process, often, complex for a startup. Venture capital funds come to the rescue.

In Italy there are 214 family offices (Fo): 47.2% single and 43.5% multi. Legal form and location have an impact on the tax aspects. Pros and cons of trusts


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